Easy Strength: How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition-And Dominate in Your Sport by Pavel Tsatsouline. Read online. Editorial Reviews. Review. An incredibly simple guide to creating sinister workouts that really work. Don't mistake simple for basic. The instruction in this book is. Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American eBook: Pavel Tsatsouline: site Store.

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Results 1 - 12 of 12 Search results for "pavel tsatsouline" at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews and reviews from booklovers. Shop eBooks and audiobooks at. Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports, is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor who has been called the modern king of kettlebells for starting . Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen. By Pavel. pages. eBook Pavel Tsatsouline's publication of The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and his.

Compared to some of the other programs that I've followed, the workouts are "easy", and we never leave the gym completely exhausted or worn-out.

Our strength continues to climb on a weekly basis, and PRs are getting broken on an average of every other week to every third week. Our workouts take an average of minutes max. It is truly an eye-opening experience. Easy Strength has my absolute highest recommendation for anyone involved in strength training.

download this book and start implementing these principles immediately. It will be one of the best investments you will EVER make. Dan John and Pavel This book is a must read.

Like Bruce Lee's philosophy of leaving what doesn't work and taking what does, this book blasts away what doesn't work in plain language without the fluff. Pavel refuses to repeat what we already know. These guys have to experience. They know what works. I was at a sticking point in my strength. This book helped me break through that brick wall that was eluding me. I'm getting ready for my RKC weekend and was worried that I wasn't going to meet the standard. I have no worries now. I was sapping my strength thinking I was doing the right thing.

Pavel Tsatsouline

I found out right away what I was doing wrong in the first chapter. This book is revolutionary.

Pavel and Dan have produced a book that I feel should change the industry! Belongs on the bookshelf well read of course as one of the classic and definitive strength and conditioning texts.

Just finished an "Easy Strength" slow read through and highlight last night. As much as I think of Beyond Bodybuilding, it is now moved one further out on my shelf so Easy Strength can sit side by side with Supertraning.

If Supertraining is the old testament of training acutally I would really consider it the TORAH , I now consider Easy Strength to be in the new and maybe even specifically Revelation to continue and add to the metaphor.

Hands down the best book I have read in the strength and conditioning domain. I will continue to reread it for the rest of my career and recommend it to everyone working as a strength coach. It has married the science from Eastern Europe with the common sense of two very experienced and successful strength coaches and is a hugely enjoyable read. Whenever you are getting frustrated with the industry pick up this book for a reminder of all things good about strength and conditioning!

I really hope Dan and Pavel collaborate in this format again. Essentially, they have removed the fluff, filler, static, and misinformation that has leaked into the world of strength training and refined all of the important information into an approach that is so simple it is brilliant.

Unfortunately, this brilliance may be over looked on the first read of Easy Strength because it is such an easy approach. Rarely is complex better than simple.

This book is a MUCH needed reminder of that in the world of strength training where the latest and greatest training programs often begin with "5 minute this" or "Super Secret that" but rarely produce lasting results. This book is a breath of fresh air that reminds us of what we really need to be doing to get results and more importantly gives us a system to achieve this.

Dan John could make a book on numbers fun to read and Pavel could make a book of mathematical algoithms easy to understand. They are the perfect complement to each other and make the ofter confusing, and swirling world of strength training simple to understand. I am re-reading Easy Strength for the fourth time in 18 months. When I first read it, I did not understand it truly. Simple rep ranges certainly meant strength, or mass, or stamina gains, as the sport science textbooks all agree, so what was special about this book?

Easy Strength

Between the 2nd and 3rd reads, I returned to training for pure strength, being 6 years removed from powerlifting. I hopped from program to program each six weeks. I even used Dan John's 40 Day Program for 20 days I felt like there was a pattern, but I was missing it.

Then, the real genius of Easy Strength hit me. I scanned , read about Sandow, Aserati, and the Russian greats. I noticed that the same ideas were being repeated by all the elite professionals in strength. Easy Strength set me on an incredible learning journey in the world of training.

So much of my work with clients has evolved and improved since I first booted up Easy Strength on my site. On this 4th read, I finally see how much I do not know and am excited about it.

One of your many great products, and I think I am just starting to get it. I have to admit, that's what I was thinking when I saw the new title Pavel and Dan put out. Then again, Power To The People was one of the best and earliest books I've read on strength training It was the best book I've read this year on training.

The main thrust of the book is of course "easy strength" -- almost like an extrapolation of "Greasing the groove" and all the ways that an athlete could apply that type of strength to make themselves better at their chosen sport.

Yes, Pavel and Dan like to tell stories. Yes, there are lots of different routines like a buffet. Yes, that all makes it more enjoyable for me. I picked up some great tips that will take my deadlift through the roof next year High praise for me, I am already at a 3x BW Deadlift with no belt That's the key thing I got from this book. S Keep It Simple Stupid approach to training. I couldn't be more pleased with the concise, well illustrated information in this book!

Pavel focuses on the proper mechanics of the major kettlebell moves swing, clean, get up and snatch ,etc. Thanks Pavel and Dragon Door for this excellent educational resource! Over the years I have tried many types of programs for attaining my fitness goals. As a result I would find myself injured through overtraining and become frustrated and quit. Injuries included shin splints, extremely sore muscles and a herniated disk. At age 53 I have finally regained Strength and Confidence.

ETK is direct and simple - just follow instructions and within weeks you will be transformed - as I was. I now can squeeze into a size 34 inch trousers which I have not been able to do since I left the Marine Corps over 30 years ago, and I have lost 6lbs of fat. I have much more muscle definition in my arms, chest and shoulders, and my love handles have disappeared. A truely Stand -Alone Program for Strength.

The title of this review is exactly what the ETK book and video will give. But Enter the Kettlebell has pushed me into a level I thought only the true "mutants" could achieve. And in a very short amount of time.

The program minimum and the Rite of Passage are all that are truly needed to become more than the "real men" around you. Kettlebells will make you a man among men, but Enter the Kettlebell will make you something more. But these are only words.

The only way to truly see is to do it yourself. Whats the difference between a razor blade and a butter knife? You can try hard, and do little, or you can try hard, and do a lot. What the whetstone did for knives, Enter the Kettlebell does for strength. Whatever the goal, be it strength or conditioning, Enter the Kettlebell discusses a bare bones, no frills, no excuse method of training that takes a minimal amount of time but a great deal of effort to strength.

Don't waste any more time fretting over what machine you should be making payments on. Don't blow your time cranking out ridiculous amounts of effort on what seems to be no progress in physical conditioning.

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The instructions are all here, and for the cost of one payment on a machine, you can be set for months of intense, focused training. The details within can guide a total stranger to fitness in short order, and the ever present community will support you all the way!

As a Division I lightweight rower, I am always in search of way to become stronger while maintaining a given weight. ETK is the answer. I have been following ETK in addition to my rowing team's program. The results are there. At lbs, I started with a 45lb KB and next week will be restarting with a 60lb. My teammates are curious as to how I am gaining strength while loosing weight and mass, and I know the answer is ETK.

They are perfect for my rowing program, and I am weaving them all together. Thank you Pavel. Best, John Redos. I knew the book would primarily cover the basics ie.

Pavel, again, was precise and simple in his delivery. I read the reviews before I download stuff with Dragon Door, and I could have sworn several people complained that there were no routines. This concerned me, but I don't know what they're talking about. I'm also incorporating abs and pistols. I was glad to see after just 2 months that I could already press 53's comfortably 5 times. Thanks Pavel.

I quit going to my gym. Just as the snatch is the tsar of the kettlebell drills, this book is the tsar of all kettlebell books, if not of all available exercise books in the world!

I had the DVD before, but decided to download the book too, for some more detailed descriptions, and I'm glad I did! If been looking for this since I started working out in the gym years ago. This book and DVD saved me from getting bulky and gave me strength in return much more manly if you ask me. Expect results in a week both in strength and looks. Recently finished the ETK press-ladders. In 5 weeks I went from being able to do a double on my strong arm and occasionally still failing singles on my weak to being able to press 5 x 1,2,3,4,5 on both arms with the 32 kg KB.

How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition-And Dominate in Your Sport

I'm far from a high-level strength-athlete but I have lifted on many protocols for around 10 years and I can honestly say I have never experienced any progress this fast and steady. And that's with just three pressing-sessions per week, and not even busting my butt on two of them. My hat is off to Pavel for outlining yet another simple and yet surprisingly effective method. ETK is an excellent strength-book. It's very simple really, kettlebells dominate over all other strength tools.

Pavel puts it clearly and simply. Easy to follow, effective workouts. Pavel quite simply leads the revolution! Read our Review Guidelines before posting your review. What can you expect from reading this book?. You will learn some history. You will discover that almost everything discussed in the fitness industry has been done before-and often better.. You will reexamine the role of strength training as it applies to sport. Doing so may serve as the greatest timesaver in history!.

You will find that, like a medical doctor, a strength coach must be committed above all to Do no harm-a pledge that's often disregarded.. You will be exposed to the concept of systematic education and the need to build an athlete or anyone!You can sputter and stumble and creak your way along in a process of painful, slow decline-or you can take charge of your health and become a human dynamo.

Whenever you are getting frustrated with the industry pick up this book for a reminder of all things good about strength and conditioning! That's how sure we are! You will reexamine the role of strength training as it applies to sport.

I say all that to say this!